4 Best BBQ Restaurants in Texas 

Texas is an enormous big-meat loving state brimmed with world-class barbecue restaurants. Over the past few years, the Lone Star state went into a renaissance, with lots of BBQ establishments popping up in rapid succession. If you are a smoked-meat enthusiast, secure that visum USA right away and get ready to indulge your taste buds with the bovine delicacies these joints have to offer. Here are 4 of the state’s finest smokehouses you should never dare to miss:


Black’s Barbecue – Lockhart


The “Original Black’s Barbecue” opened in 1932. Today, this smoked-meat eatery continues to give its patronizers the real smell, look, and taste of Texas. Satisfy your smoked-meat cravings with their signature hand-stuffed and hand-tied sausage. Their sweet tea, Shiner beer, and Turkey of almost all variety wouldn’t disappoint. Exploit your yourself with pork ribs (baby back or spare), whole chickens and of course, the timeless brisket – undoubtedly, a BBQ haven.


Franklin Barbecue


Found in the Mecca of BBQ joints in Texas, the Austin-based Franklin Barbecue invites you to a delicious dining encounter on their vintage and rustic-vibed restaurant. Enjoy your pulled pork, tasty brisket and other smoked meat dishes along with a Mexican Coke or a vintage Big Red soda – a BBQ experience to behold!


Pecan Lodge


One of Dallas’ vital barbecue destinations, Pecan Lodge is a must-visit for all meat lovers. Dig into giant beef ribs along with mac & cheese and fried okra on the side, and you are in for a barbecue bliss. Afterward, pamper yourself and try one of their delightful desserts, like Aunt Polly’ homemade peach cobbler or banana pudding.


Snow’s BBQ


For an authentic Texas BBQ encounter with a laid-back atmosphere, Snow’s BBQ is your place to dine. You should get up early on a Saturday, however, to avoid running out of barbecue as this smoked-meat gem only opens on Sabbath day. Don’t worry as it’s all worth it. Wallow in on tasty chicken, pork steak, pork spare ribs, and jalapeno sausage. Rumors say they brine their brisket before they cook it. Nevertheless, it is one of the most palatable ones you’ll ever taste.


These are only a few of the long-list of delectable BBQ joints you need to visit in Texas! Each smoke-stained eateries in the state are exceptional in its own right and have their own set of offerings. Get that visum USA and take pleasure with these BBQ havens!


New Zealand Visa Photo Requirements for Tourists

The kiwi nation is the place to be for nature lovers, wanderers, and athletes. Besides the raw beauty and fresh air in New Zealand, extreme sports, such as mountain biking and heliskiing, is a way of life for the kiwis as well. For a New Zealand tourist visa, you must take note of the requirement for application and processing. One of the critical needs when applying for a tourist visa is your picture. If you do not comply with the prerequisites for your visa picture, immigration may disqualify your application.

Below are the following photo requirements for a New Zealand visa:


Picture Dimensions and File Size

New Zealand offer either paper or online transactions for its visa application:

Paper Application – The picture should have a width of 35 millimeters and a height of 45 millimeters.
Online Application – The picture should be at a minimum of 900 x 1200 pixels and maximum of 2250 x 3000 pixels; the file size should be between 500 kilobytes and 3 megabytes only.



– The picture should be in portrait orientation, not landscape.
– There should be balanced lighting, not too much, and not too little.
– The color of your skin should look natural.
– No red-eye or blurriness allowed.
– Selfie photos are not allowed.
– The picture must be taken against a light-colored background.
– There should be nothing distracting on the background.
– Do not wear anything with colorful patterns.
– Use minimal to no editing to the photo.



– You should be facing directly at the camera.
– Prevent your eyes from closing or your mouth from opening.
– Keep a neutral facial expression; no smiling nor frowning allowed.
– Keep your hair from obstructing your face.
– Your face should be within and in the middle of the frame.
– Do not wear hats or sunglasses.
– If you need to keep your glasses on, make sure that your eyes are seen, and no glare is reflected.
– For head covering, due to religious or medical purposes, do not cover your face and hairline.

Before you apply for a New Zealand tourist visa, make sure that your photo was taken within six months from the date of application. You may also download the file for technical requirements for professional photographers in the immigration site.…

Slang Phrases Commonly Used By Locals in New Zealand

When visiting another country, it is already a given that you research as much as you can about the places to visit, activities to try, food to eat, and other essential information. So before you board the plane with your newly approved nz visa, here are some of the most commonly used slangs in New Zealand and what they mean.


“Rattle ya dags!”/ “Get you’re A into G!”

If you hear someone tell you this, then either you are moving too slow, or they are in a rush. These phrases urge you or the other person to move faster or hurry up. The phrase “Rattle ya dags!” can from a rather gross observation of the locals. The portion of a sheep’s fleece near its anus that is usually covered with poop is called a “dag.” These dags tend to rattle whenever the sheep are running.

The second phrase also means the same as the complete sentence being, “Get your arse into gear!”


“Just popping to the dairy”

New Zealand locals got this phrase because of their proximity to the Australians. Much like the latter, the country is also known for producing a lot of dairy products such as cheese, ice cream, and milk. Dairy is easily obtained in this country so much so that they already refer to corner stores as “dairy.” The phrase means that a person is informing you that they will drop by a convenience store, usually to get some necessities.


“It was choice, bro!”

Once you get to New Zealand, you may find that the word “choice” carries a different meaning. In the country, “choice” is rather versatile, referring to anything positive. It may be used in the same context as or in place of “cool,” “ok,” “it’s good,” and “I agree.” On the other hand, calling someone “bro” in New Zealand does not necessarily mean that you are blood-related. It can be used to address a friend or a stranger. The word “cuz” can also be used in the same manner. You can use the phrase when you want to tell someone that “it was good.”

New Zealand has some exciting phrases that can be fun to learn. Try researching more about them; after all, knowing more about the language of the country can help you interact more with its residents.…