5 Best Instagram Spots in New Zealand

The visual experience that awaits you in New Zealand is something that you can never compare to anything else in your life. You see people on Instagram with backgrounds of the most stunningly beautiful places. However, it’s much better to go there yourself and get yourself the selfie of your life. Before you try to find out the New Zealand visa requirements, check out this list of the most Instagrammed places in New Zealand.

Lake Tekapo

Despite its very small population, the beautiful spot called Lake Tekapo is a famous Instagrammed location in New Zealand. Brace yourself for the sparkling turquoise waters as well as the historic Church of the Good Shepherd. Witness the bright lupins, and you’ll realize your camera won’t be taking a break any moment.

Takapuna Beach, Auckland

The stunning and refreshing beaches of Takapuna Beach have so much to offer when it comes to your visual experience. From the Takapuna Beach, you can witness Rangitoto, Tunnel Beach, Piha, and Hot Water Beach located on the Coromandel. These spots are simply spectacular, whether on Instagram or off it.

Queen Street, Auckland

Despite the plethora of choices for what’s the most spectacular sight in New Zealand, Queen Street in Auckland still stands out. As one of the most unusual when it comes to the diversity of sites, Queen Street is not only about an Auckland City street. It’s about the shops and the beautiful British-inspired architecture.

Sky Tower, Auckland

Another iconic place in New Zealand that is perfectly Instagrammable is the Sky Tower in Auckland. It dominates the skyline in this city as it symbolizes the country itself. The Sky Tower lends itself to as many interpretations as the number of angles from which it can be photographed. Indeed, it’s easy to see the Sky Tower as one of the best places where one can value perspective.

Abel Tasman National Park, South Island

There’s nothing more breathtaking than the brightness and freshness of the Abel Tasman National Park. The shoreline of this South Island is awe-inspiring. Bask in the crystal clear waters with the sandy beaches in the background while you snap a photo of you on Instagram.

Some Final Words

New Zealand awaits you with tons of natural and man-made wonders. Don’t waste time. Visit http://etanewzealandvisa.com and check out New Zealand visa requirements. Get your visa and prepare your camera. You’ll have one of the most unforgettable Instagram moments soon.…