Easy Steps to Secure a Russian Visa Online

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The online process for the russia evisa is short and simple to follow. If you’re planning on traveling to Russia, but you’re having a hard time fixing your visa, you can apply online. Applying online is a hassle-free option for anyone since it’s a convenient alternative for those who are busy. Planning your next adventure in Russia? Here are the easy steps to help you secure your visa online.

Apply Online

Make sure to search for a reliable website that processes Russian Visa’s online. You want to make sure that the site is:

  •         Accredited by the government;
  •         Has a good reputation;
  •         The high success rate of visa being approved;
  •         Keeps your documents confidential; and
  •         Won’t run off with your money.

The problem with applying online is that you don’t have a guarantee of whether the website is accredited and legitimate, which is why before you decide to apply at a specific site, you need to be mindful of the tips provided above. You will be sending out confidential information about yourself, which is why you want to apply with a trustworthy website that will not steal your information.

Pay the Processing Fee

Before your application can be processed, be sure to pay the required fees. Some website allows you to pay in the bank or even your credit card. Select which mode of payment is convenient for you, and pay the fee as soon as possible. Without paying the fee, your application can’t move forward.

Also, consider that on top of the fee the embassy usually requires, you need to pay a premium for enlisting the services of the website. After paying, make sure to keep a receipt of the same and send it to the site as proof of your payment.

Print Your Visa


The last and most crucial step is the printing of your visa. Now that you’ve completed all the steps, it’s time that you receive your visa, start packing your bags and fly to Russia. You can expect to receive the results of your application via email or the website, depending on where you want it to be sent.

Online application for a Russian visa is short and simple! It allows anyone to apply for their visa’s anytime and anywhere.