New Zealand Visa Photo Requirements for Tourists

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The kiwi nation is the place to be for nature lovers, wanderers, and athletes. Besides the raw beauty and fresh air in New Zealand, extreme sports, such as mountain biking and heliskiing, is a way of life for the kiwis as well. For a New Zealand tourist visa, you must take note of the requirement for application and processing. One of the critical needs when applying for a tourist visa is your picture. If you do not comply with the prerequisites for your visa picture, immigration may disqualify your application.

Below are the following photo requirements for a New Zealand visa:


Picture Dimensions and File Size

New Zealand offer either paper or online transactions for its visa application:

Paper Application – The picture should have a width of 35 millimeters and a height of 45 millimeters.
Online Application – The picture should be at a minimum of 900 x 1200 pixels and maximum of 2250 x 3000 pixels; the file size should be between 500 kilobytes and 3 megabytes only.



– The picture should be in portrait orientation, not landscape.
– There should be balanced lighting, not too much, and not too little.
– The color of your skin should look natural.
– No red-eye or blurriness allowed.
– Selfie photos are not allowed.
– The picture must be taken against a light-colored background.
– There should be nothing distracting on the background.
– Do not wear anything with colorful patterns.
– Use minimal to no editing to the photo.



– You should be facing directly at the camera.
– Prevent your eyes from closing or your mouth from opening.
– Keep a neutral facial expression; no smiling nor frowning allowed.
– Keep your hair from obstructing your face.
– Your face should be within and in the middle of the frame.
– Do not wear hats or sunglasses.
– If you need to keep your glasses on, make sure that your eyes are seen, and no glare is reflected.
– For head covering, due to religious or medical purposes, do not cover your face and hairline.

Before you apply for a New Zealand tourist visa, make sure that your photo was taken within six months from the date of application. You may also download the file for technical requirements for professional photographers in the immigration site.