Russian Visa Application: Why You Need Health Insurance

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As a part of your application for a visa for Russia travel, you are required to have health insurance. This health insurance coverage should be valid in the Russian Federation, or else you might be denied of your application. Having health insurance is a must no matter what country you intend to travel to.

Most Private Insurance Is Not Valid  Abroad

Whether you’re in the US and you have Medicare or Medicaid, consider that most private health insurance is not accepted abroad. Also, most countries may ask foreign nationals to get health insurance that is allowed in the country before entry. Russia is one of them.

This rule goes for all kinds of travel to Russia. Whether you’re traveling to study, to do business or for tourism, you will be asked for this requirement as a part of your e-Visa application.

Travel Health Insurance For All Medical Cases

Mostly, travel health insurance is basic health insurance. This pays for routine medical expenses. Travelers abroad need this kind of health insurance because it covers almost all medical cases. Also, most travel health insurance providers offer a variety of plans that will fit the needs of different travelers.

Consider Medical Evacuation Insurance

In case you need immediate medical care and evacuation from the country, your medical evacuation insurance will cover your emergency transportation. This is a must for people who are traveling to remote areas where medical care may not be available.

ME insurance is also the type of insurance recommended for cruise ship passengers and those visiting developing countries. Ask your provider if they offer medical evacuation insurance as a part of their basic package or included as a supplement coverage.

You Need Accident Insurance

Even in a country as developed as Russia, you can risk traveling without health insurance. Accident insurance covers your expenses in case you suffer from severe injury or illness. Accident insurance is the ideal health insurance plan for people who are planning to drive when in Russia.

This is for travelers who are engaging in risky activities such as surfing, skiing, or rock climbing. It is also recommended for travelers who don’t have life insurance or to people whose insurance product is invalid in Russia or to the place where they plan to travel.

Consult your health insurance representative for more information about the health insurance coverage you need when you travel to Russia.