Your Visa ESTA Questions Answered

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A lot of people get confused when it comes to visas and ESTAs. For example, you might be wondering what you need to be applying for. If you have visa ESTA questions, you’ll find some answers below.


How Can I Figure Out What I Need To Apply For?

There are a few ways to determine what sort of travel approval you need to be applying for. One of the first things you’ll want to look at is the country that you live in. Residents of some countries can visit other countries without a visa.

The other thing you’ll have to look at is the nature of your trip. If you’re going to be in the country for more than a short trip, or if you’re visiting for work or for school, a visa might be what you need.


Can I Apply Online?

You can apply for the ESTA online. In fact, the ESTA process is handled entirely electronically. You can obtain a visa application online, but you won’t be able to submit it online. You’ll need a physical copy of your application, and your signature will have to be applied to your document.


When Should I Apply?

It’s best to apply in advance, especially when it comes to the visa. It can take six weeks or longer for a visa to be approved. If you’ve put things off for too long, you might have to pay extra to rush your application. You can expect an ESTA application to be approved right away, but you should still try to submit your application ahead of time.

You shouldn’t let your visa ESTA questions keep you up at night. Take the time to gather more information so that you can make appropriate decisions going forward. No matter what you need to apply for, you’ll be glad that you gathered the right information.